Thank you!! + FAQ + Bonus Comic

Thank you all so much for the support you've given Dweller's Empty Path!!  I'm really surprised how much attention my little novice RPGMaker games have gotten, I feel a little embarrassed since you don't do too much in them... I'm also worried about the writing being a little too boring so far... 
But!! I feel I'm maybe getting a better grasp on this medium the more I play around with RPGMaker! I'm tempted to make the next continuation a game as well! Especially since it's feeling like a comfortable format for storytelling for me! As for if I'm going to continue in RPGMaker or a different program, I'm not sure yet! I would like to play around with the idea of.. doing something more than walking around and talking to NPC's and objects...! (I think I'm maybe ready to try this step)

About Fan Translations:
Yes! I allow fan-translations of any of my works (including both Escaped Chasm and Dweller's Empty Path). 
I cannot verify the accuracy to any fan-translation unfortunately...

沢山の日本の方からDweller's Empty Pathをプレーしたいと言ってもらえて嬉しいです!日本語版が無くて申し訳ありません。非公式翻訳は大歓迎です!もし日本語翻訳を作ってもらえるならとても嬉しく思います。(translation by Camellia)

About streaming: 
You have my permission to stream/make youtube videos! If you make any remixes, please remember to attribute credit to the correct musicians, such as Camellia and Toby (you don't have to include me for music remixes if you don't want to). If you can, please check the policy if it's available of any musician I work with for their policy on fan-works.

About Fan-work/fanart: 
Yes! Fanworks and fan art is allowed of any content I ever make!
I also allow the distribution of fanworks through conventions and fan-markets, but please do not label them as official works!
Thank you for liking my work enough to make such works..!


And also! Here are a few Comics I meant to accompany the game: 

An After-Word [Contains small Spoiler]


Bonus Comic

Thank you again everyone for your support!!! See you next time!!! 

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I walked through the forest instead of taking the lift to get to the village. 10/10 game


Wow, this whole time I thought those were bunny ears instead of antennae. 


Why did Zera's house disappear? Does it depend on something? Help please...


I really liked the game, the characters, and the music! Amazing work, Temmie! The only thing is that i save something in a save file, and i close the game, and when i reopen it, the changes don't save. So yeah, it may be a little bit buggy with that, but is a pretty good game overall


I loved it, it was very short, it took me almost three hours, and the rest of the days I was looking forward to what happened, because it only lasted one! It brought me a lot of nostalgia with the graphics and they are beautiful, the music is good almost on par with the game, without a doubt I had fun and relaxed

Ahh, so drinking ??? Potions is A-Okay, good to know.

7 Year Old me making potions by mixing random things i found at home: Unlimited Power!!

Hey Temmie, I love your work! I know you probably get a lot of comments about this but I cant open DEP. I looked into the code of Terminal it says 'Permission Denied'. How can i fix that?

P.S. The soundtrack to DEP is amazing!

Hello, I'm having a wonderful time playing the game. I saved everything and i just exited out of the game, and now going back into it i just realized i dont know the button to load save files...i dont want to overwrite my last save file as i got really far into it...please help!

i liked the notes to the "Favorite Drinks" comic, Please do not drink battery acid/blood


I translated the bonus comic to Japanese language.


(1 edit)

Thank you Temmie I enjoyed DEPath and Chasm so much and... do you know that there're already the unofficial Japanese language patches for both games?

Dweller's Empty Path unofficial JPN patch:
Escaped Chasm unofficial JPN patch:

ありがとうテミーさん、どちらのゲームもとても楽しかったです……ところで、すでにDweller's Empty Path と Escaped Chasm の非公式日本語パッチがリリースされているのはご存じ?

I didn't made them, I just helped some translations. Both patches are almost made by Proudust, who's a talented engineer and been contributing to translations and modding of the games like DDLC, OneShot,Monika After Story...


I had a wonderful time playing this, its even better then the last game. you have created such an interesting world and characters and hope to see more of it in the future, what ever form that takes.

I hope whoever is reading this is doing so after playing.  **SPOILERS AHEAD!**

I had a lot of fun with this game!  The cast and world building are super intriguing!  I'm very interested to learn about all of them, especially Claire, Aimottle, Caina(!!), Este, and Charles (of course)! (and the snake, and the dragon, and the adventurers, and deer #3... like I said, all of them).  After playing this, I love that you introduced us to your universe (the games, I mean) with Escaped Chasm.  I love being slightly familiar with the wolf girl and it how it gives the audience more of an insight to the lore/creation of certain "beast types," while the characters are still kind of in the dark about it.  

The music is phenomenal!  Your ideas, along with Camelia's and Toby's contributions, really popped and gave that kind of Undertale-esque vibe without deviating from the fact that this is your universe and your music.  The three of you have something very special going on (both musically and with your universes), and I hope you will continue to work together on your respective projects for years to come!

I really hope that your next game, whenever you plan to work on and release it, will include a type of combat system.  I don't know anything really technical about game development but this game seemed ready to have it (and not just the adventurer storyline ;) ).  I hope you're working on it!  I'm really looking forward to your upcoming projects and developments!  Take care!

I haven't played it yet, but it looks amazing!

this is a Very Good Game. i especially loved the post-credits wolf girl bit...

i can't wait to see whatever you make next in this series!!

by the way, does this series have a name, or is it just 'Escaped Chasm'?


I loved it the game is perfect in everything i saw the extra goodies i feel so bad that you didn't have motivation to complete dwellers of the mountain's forest but i want you to know that i will always be happy to see make your own franchise and i will always motivate you

I love this game! I played it for the first time on my mac yesterday but there were slight issues....

I cant save, at all. I've learned the save buttons for this game are z and enter but, they dont work at all no matter how hard I button mash. Which sucks...since I was almost about to gather all 3 of (important items) and I will lose all that once I start again. 

Please help.

OH! But I will see Zera again!

[slight spoiler] You can save whenever u see those stars on the ground/via the journal in your room. Just press space and the game will prompt u to 'write in your journal'

Ah yes! I've noticed them around the area. Its just that- I cant click on them to actually save. I've tried space and z but that doesn't work. 

Loved the game so much! I love games that just let me explore and talk to people and interact with stuff. Can't wait for what's next, whatever it is! I'm just excited for more of this world! Also so glad for more Claire/Yoki in the comics :D


temmie you made me cry im suing you

I loved this game and Escaped Chasm! Can't wait what works you put out next :D

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