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A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. 

May contain some loud and prolonged low/high pitch moments and unsettling atmosphere/elements. May also contain some flashing lights moments!!

Tem here!!! It's my first time making an RPGmaker game!! Its my first time trying to put together my own project outside of an animated thing (though... I guess this is still sort of.. that..).  I've always wanted to make an RPGMaker game, though I guess it isn't much of a game. Its around 15-20 minutes long (though I guess it could be longer if you try to get all the endings). 

There's around 4 different endings you can get. 

A small warning that one of the endings is a little creepy/unsettling.. But hopefully its not too much.  Also... occasionally a movie might freeze... I'm not really sure what causes this, if it happens, try restarting the game. I'm sorry if this happens :( It seems like this has been working for some people as a fix, so you could give it a try! https://itch.io/t/432226/found-a-way-to-fix-tv-scene-crashing-bugs

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you like it!! I'll try to make more one day. 
Hopefully I set up the downloading option right where you don't have to pay for it. But feel free to donate if you'd like to support me!! 

Story, Illustration, Pixel Art, Cutscene/Pixel Animation by:
Temmie Chang

Music by:
Toby Fox - in-game music
James Roach - TV-scene animation songs

Sound Design:
fatbard - (story) cutscene animation sound design

Special Thanks: 
Archeia - a lot of help with learning RPGMaker/helping solve problems/pluggin/font help 
Yanfly - use of MessageCore and CoreEngine pluggins
Sasuke Kannazuki - message sound plugin
Stephen Lavelle - use of bfxr (sound effects program I used to make in-game sounds)
SumRndmDde- I wanted to mention them because their youtube tutorial/learning series was incredibly helpful and made the program less intimidating to explore, learn and use

If for any reason your anti-virus gets upset at the normal version of the game, I included a more aesthetically default (RPGMaker icon) version available to download as well. 

*Regarding MAC version: 
Sorry... there are some bugs and errors in the MAC version.. I'm not so sure how to fix them right away, but for now I've included it in downloads (though I recommend reading the TXT file if you can!!) 


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