Thank you everyone!! +regarding bugs, fan-translations and streaming

Thank you everyone for playing my little game!! The response has been so overwhelming for my tiny brain that I don't know how to process it. I'm really so happy!! A bit embarrassed as well,, I'm really hoping nobody was too disappointed or upset with how short the game is.. I'll try my best to make my next test game a little longer with more to do!! 

Thank you also to everyone leaving comments and bug reports in the board/forum-y section!! And thank you sooo much to everyone helping address any of the issues and problems that people have been running into while playing. I also learned a lot of things as well reading some of the helpful responses.  

I wanted to address some of the questions I've been receiving a lot as well as some extra stuff.

Fan-translations are ok! I probably won't be able to implement them myself since the font I use in-game is one I drew... And I only drew an english alphabet.. But you have my permission to modify the game if you know how to for the purposes of translating the game. 

Streaming is ok! You may stream the game anywhere you'd like, and also provide fan translations that way if you'd like! I kind of designed this game to be experienced via Let's Play since I really enjoy watching Let's Plays with narratives while I work. I was actually planning on doing the same thing myself at some point to upload and put on my youtube channel for the people who want to just enjoy the game while they're multitasking something else like work. (Though, I've seen others have already done that... and thank you!! I'm super grateful!! I've watched a few and really enjoyed your feedback as well!) 

In regards to TROJAN/MISSING FILE reports via anti-virus: I'm not really sure why some anti-virus are reporting the game as bad/why it's removing some important files necessary to run the game.. I'm not really experienced in this area.. orz But I've seen some helpful board responses, so I hope these links will provide some help for you! (Thank you to everyone who provided helpful feedback!) 
Missing File:
Anti-virus reports: ,

I'll probably export a LINUX version soon. I've just been hesitant since I don't know anybody personally who uses LINUX who can test it, but I may try to export a version anyway. It'll probably have problems like MAC does... I'm sorry if it does.. I'll put a disclaimer on that export as well. 

In regards to BUGs: I've been reading about some of the bugs and there's... not a lot I know on what to do about some of them... I can fix the out-of-bounds bugs, but the ones with the occasional soft-lock or something to do with RPGmaker engine itself... I'm not really sure... what to do.. If some of the game-breaking stuff seems like they keep reoccurring I'll try to find someone to help me out with those. But!!! It seems like people have discovered a fix to the cutscene movie freezing the game (thank you guys for bringing this to my attention!!) 
cutscene movie freezing fix

SUPER THANK YOU: I wanted to add this part in because I've been thinking about it a lot too.. Really thank you a lot to everyone who helped with sound and troubleshooting. I've listed them in the credits but really check them out!! I really think sound design is so imperative to a game experience. Really, check out fatbard, James Roach, toby fox and archeia's works. 

I think that should be everything for now!! Really... thank you everyone so much for playing and all of the wonderful feedback... I've really learned a lot, and I'll try my best to make more content for you some day!! I do my personal projects in-between work/jobs for others, so it's hard to gauge how much time I'll have to work on new content at any point in time, but you'll definitely see a continuation and more stuff some day! I'm always thinking about it and I have more stories and ideas I want to share. 
I'll probably update and post progresses of ideas and projects on my twitter and instagram once in awhile, I'm sorry for the nonsense posts in-between though.  

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Everything about this game just kept me wanting more and more, both the soundtrack and story are amazing, and the art is beyond excellent. I to this day, still have no idea how people manage to do pixel art like that.

Hello, thanks a lot for this short game. It was really refreshing, nostalgic and inspiring. I loved the art, story, storytelling and music. I'm really looking forward to your next game and hope you're moving forward with its development. Good luck :)

podría traducir vuestro juego, solo decirdmelo y me pondré a ello. :3

It is amazing! Im excited to see where the story goes!


I loved the experience the game offered to the player, especially giving how short it was and how it happened in a limited space. The Lonely Girl's interactions with the environment, as well as her dreams/visions is a very interesting and personal way to get to know more about her personality, her desires and fears.

With that said, I'm very happy that you made this, it is awesome! Loved the game and I'm also happy you also went with the heavier tones in the story that you weren't sure about. It really adds up to the mystery and makes it all the more interesting to find out how it all plays out eventually.

Hope to see more in the future! Great work to you and the team and thank you for making this wonderful game! As a game dev in training, it makes me very happy to see these projects!


Loved the game, thanks for making it, and thanks for being supportive of video creators too! 


I liked your review :)




I wanted to point that you released your little gem of a game when I'm completing 1 week of work on my own RPGMaker game. Really just wanted to say the game is fantastic and very inspiring, thank you and great luck on your future project!

I think this game is really wonderful game. Even if it's short, but the story is so good and it makes me want to repeat playing it for finding the new ending. (I played this game on my youtube channel already haha) I am looking forward your new & future game. Work hard ><

This is an absolutely wonderful little game. I wish it was much longer, but that's good, because if you have a lot of people wanting this, then there is definitely interest in more!

Best of luck, keep up the good work, and don't give up. There's a lot of talent in this, and the makings of some great stories!

I should probably link this here as well: it's already possible to run the game on Linux (and the default RPG Maker MV export won't work due to an error in the bitmap fonts plugin).

About Linux testing:

I'm currently running Linux on pretty much all my computers as their only OS, and can probably take care of the testing in various environments.

I'll probably also be able to help in the bug-fixing side of things, and make a French translation once the game is finished.

However, I'm currently a CS student, so I may not be able to dedicate much more than week-ends to the project. soz

thanks for the awesome game and showing consideration to us Linux users, really appreciate it!

I quite enjoyed the game, thanks for making it.

I think at one point (maybe during the dialogue leading up to the big choice) I noticed the word "whats" when it should've had an apostrophe. I could be wrong, though. Hope that helps.

Hey, I have a recommandation! Could you make the character faster in the next game? She is a bit slow...

Also how will fights be in the real game? There wasn't any real gameplay other than picking up items, it was the part who disappointed me the most. Other than this, I love this start and would greatly enjoy the real game. However, I have some questions on it:

Will Toby Fox still make the music?

When will it be released?

Really hope Temmie answers if she sees this.

And English is not my first language so sorry for spelling mistakes

Can you actually post here?