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I exported a MAC version for MAC users to also play, though I'm sorry I had difficulty fixing the problems.. The largest issues are the options menu being broken in the start screen, and that the game still uses the default RPGMaker icon. I don't think there's anything super game-breaking in the MAC version so I figure it's probably better to put it up for now so you can play at least. 

I'm sorry I couldn't fix the issues... I'll keep trying to figure out how to fix it in the meantime and work on figuring out how to export for LINUX without bugs (I need to find someone who uses LINUX/can test it for me,,)


Escaped Chasm Mac (Read README text inside) 467 MB
Apr 05, 2019

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There's two different game executables in the Mac zip, one in the main folder and one in /Extras/Escaped_Chasm_2. Is that intentional?

Yeah, the 2nd one is an Easter Egg. :3